Aleta™ – Immune Modulation for Optimal Animal Health

It’s a golden rule of animal production: Healthy animals are more likely to provide higher production efficiency and economic profitability. Whether cattle, swine, poultry or aqua, supporting an animal’s immunity, disease resistance and overall health improvement can have far reaching benefits for animal producers worldwide.


Aleta™ is a pure and highly bioavailable immunomodulator which provides a high and consistent concentration of Beta 1,3 Glucan to improve immunity and animal performance. Serving as an immunostimulant and immunomodulator in animals, the algae-based solution can be a cost-effective way to manage immunosuppression from disease and stress, and replace antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs).

Aleta advantages:

  • Improves immunity
  • Helps animals resist disease
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Increases production performance parameters
    • Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
    • Body weight
    • Reduction in mortality
  • Replaces antibiotic growth promoters

1,3 Beta Glucan from Aleta Is a Highly Bioavailable Immunomodulator

Aleta is produced from Euglena gracilis, a unique alga which contains more than 50 percent Beta Glucan. These algal cells are highly digestible, making this Aleta’s Beta Glucan bioavailable without extraction.

Beta Glucan can also be sourced from yeast products, but yeast contains only 5 to 15 percent Beta Glucan and requires extraction because of its indigestible cell wall.

Aleta Provides Proactive, Nonspecific Immune Modulation

To minimize disease incidence in food animals, producers often turn to farm management, disease management, vaccination and treatment. Despite improvements in management practices and availability of vaccines against infectious diseases in food animals, there are still outbreaks that cost the food animal industry billions of dollars of economic losses.

Key examples of modern disease outbreaks:

  • Bovine Respiratory Disease caused $ 2-3  billion economic losses for the U.S. cattle industry. This outbreak caused reduced growth performance and increased treatment costs.1
  • Mastitis in ruminants causes the U.S. dairy industry $2 billion in losses each year; with 70 percent of this economic loss due to a reduced milk yield.2
  • Necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis in poultry causes the broiler industry billions of dollars in economic losses.


As an immunomodulator in animals, Aleta can help producers avoid these types of losses. By boosting nonspecific immune modulation, Aleta heightens an animal’s immunologic capabilities when an animal may be exposed to one or more pathogens or be compromised immunologically.

Aleta’s nonspecific immune modulation can potentiate the immune response during:

  • The neonatal period when the immune system may not be fully developed
  • Stress-induced immunosuppression
  • Pathogen-induced immunosuppression (virus, bacteria or protozoa)
  • Replacement of Antibiotic Growth Promoters

Aleta™ is available in 25kg packaging.* 

*Certain packaging sizes may not be available in certain regions


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2. National Mastitis Council, 1987

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