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millSMART™ Milling Aids

Milling Aids for Different Applications

The requirement of every feed mill differs depending on its ration formulations and business models. Kemin formulates various milling aids to meet customers’ specific needs.


KEM WET™ LR Liquid

KEM WET™ LR Liquid comprises surface-active agents and organic acids. It is specifically formulated for feed with a short storage life. The composition of organic acid in the formulation is optimized to allow feed producers to use KEM WET™ LR Liquid in the most cost-effective manner while safeguarding the feed from mold growth until the day it is consumed.

Myco CURB™ Aw Liquid

Myco CURB™ Aw Liquid is formulated to provide enhanced mold inhibition for longer storage life. Its formulation comprises surface-active agents and a higher concentration of organic acids.


KEM WET™ BIND Liquid is developed to homogenize and promote the uniform distribution of fat/oil and aqueous liquid in the animal feed. The unique and innovative combination of selected surface-active agents in the formulation enhances the emulsification of water-based and oil-based liquids. The advanced formulation also contains pellet binder and humectant to further strengthen pellet durability and improve the feed's moisture retention.

How can millSMART™ milling aids can help to improve feed moisture retention, pellet durability, and feed digestibility? Please click here to find out more.


  • KEM WET™ LR Liquid and Myco CURB™ Aw Liquid: Mix milling aid with water to form a preconditioning solution and add into the feed mixer.
  • KEM WET™ BIND Liquid: Mix with oil and water to form a preconditioning emulsion and add into the feed mixer.


All Kemin’s milling aids are suitable for the use in poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua feed production.



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