KEMZYME® Combats Digestion Issues Associated with Post-Weaning Stress in Piglets

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Weaning, a change of diet from sow’s milk to vegetable feed and a new environment have a negative effect on piglet digestion. These post-weaning stresses often lower endogenous enzyme secretions such as proteases and amylases, which are necessary for the breakdown of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in weaning diets.

During this most critical time in the health and development of piglets, it is important to provide a combination of enzymes to break down the NSP complex substrate in feed and to compensate for reduced endogenous enzyme secretions. KEMZYME Plus Dry provides a complete set of enzyme activities in one product making it the most cost-effective and efficient choice for your piglet feed.

Wider Range of Enzymes - Multi Fermentation

Most enzymes used in piglet feed only focus on the xylans-beta glucans complex. The KEMZYME Plus Dry multi fermentation concept supplies a wider range of NSP enzymes together with amylase and protease for a more complete breakdown of nutrients.  The multi fermentation origin of the enzyme activities included in KEMZYME Plus Dry also helps cover a wider range of pH in the gut.

KEMZYME Provides Convenience with Better Outcomes

KEMZYME Plus Dry supports a better and more complete digestion of post-weaning feeds by breaking down NSPs and compensating for lowered endogenous production in post-weaning piglets. These digestion benefits reduce the amount of undigested nutrients being fermented at the lower gut, which often lead to to diarrhea and energy losses.

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