CLOSTAT™ Application in Poultry

Scientific trials showed a significant effect on the microflora (an increase of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, reduction of Clostridiaceae and Enterobacteriaceae). Consecutively, the intestinal villi in jejunum and ileum of the animals that receive CLOSTAT in the feed are significantly longer than in the control animals.

Metadata of Field Trials with CLOSTAT in Broilers in EMEA Region

Overview of all the performance data of 46 field trials performed with CLOSTAT. These trials were done in different countries all over the EMEA region. More than 7,000,000 broilers were involved.


Summary of Field Trials with CLOSTAT in Broilers in Asia

CLOSTAT trial in replacing AGP in a commercial broiler was conducted in Vietnam. This trial shows that CLOSTAT is able to maintain flock performance without the use of AGP.



Layers and Breeders



CLOSTAT improves body weight and uniformity in pullets in a large field trial with 43 layer pullet flocks.

Young Layers

In a field trial with young layers (17 to 31 weeks) in a large farm, CLOSTAT reduces the mortality (-0.4%) and improves the lay % (+0.25%) and FCR (-0.06%).

Old Layers

In a large field trial with older layers (48 to 70 weeks), CLOSTAT improves lay % (+2%), egg weight (+0.4 g), egg mass (+3%) and FCR (-0.07%).


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