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What is KemTRACE™ Chromium? 

KemTRACE™ Chromium is a highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium for inclusion into swine, poultry and cattle diets. The primary role of chromium in nutrient metabolism is to potentiate the action of insulin and improve glucose utilization in animals. KemTRACE™ Chromium is essential in helping swine, beef, dairy cattle and broilers optimize energy use.


Benefits of using KemTRACE™ Chromium in Swine, Broiler, and Ruminant

It is essential for livestock to be able to use the energy provided in the feed efficiently. This is particularly important when feed intake is compromised during periods of stress, extreme temperatures or immune challenges. KemTRACETM Chromium potentiates insulin to efficiently use glucose in their hierarchy of needs. KemTRACETM  Chromium is a highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium for all phases of livestock production.

From university research to on-the-farm results, KemTRACE™ Chromium plays an important role in:

  • glucose uptake;
  • cellular energy;
  • production; and
  •  profitability

Bioavailability Matters When Selecting Minerals

Higher bioavailability ensures more of the nutrient is available in a form the animal can use for optimal nutritional benefits.


Chromium and Glucose Metabolism

Chromium supplementation improves glucose utilization in animals. By enhancing the availability of glucose, the animal has more energy to help with:

  • Maintenance
  • Reproduction
  • Growth/Performance
  • Immunity


The only source of chromium permitted by the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) in several species:

  • Swine (2000)
  • Cattle (2009)
  • Broiler (2016)

ARTICLE: FDA Approves Chromium Propionate for Broilers: KemTRACE™ Chromium is the Newest Trace Mineral Available in More Than 40 Years

ARTICLE: Feedstuffs (June 6, 2016): FDA Approves Chromium Propionate for Broilers

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