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Organic Chromium Supplementation for Broilers

by Dr William Chin, Stress Management Platform Management,Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific

Stressed broilers are observed to have lower feed intake and poorer weight gain, with sub-optimal carcass quality. These problems are exacerbated in regions with sweltering heat and high humidity (>80%) like Southeast Asia. Although lowered feed intake is mainly blamed for poor growth, there is another plausible mechanism. Responding to increased temperature, the body diverts blood to the skin and extremities as part of a physiological response to heat loss.

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Feeding Sows to Get More Piglets Born Alive

by Dr Chinnadurai Sugumar, Business Line Manager - Lipid Nutrition of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific, Mr Brian Kremer, Senior Technical Service Manager - Monogastric and Dr Edwin Chow, R&D Manager

Chromium (Cr) supplementation to sow diets has been shown to improve the performance of sows and their progeny. Chinnadurai Sugumar, Brian Kremer and Edwin Chow report on a trial where supplementation with chromium propionate in gestation and lactation feeds resulted in improved sow and piglet performance in two consecutive reproductive cycles. The sows produced and weaned more piglets - key performance criteria for commercial swine herds.

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