Animal Nutrition & Health Division

As the world population continues to expand and the demand for protein soars, food producers are turning to Kemin for innovative solutions. We believe raising healthy livestock and poultry is more important now than ever before, and we are delivering products and services that help consumers achieve optimal nutrition, feed quality, gut health and pathogen control—all while maximizing the profitability of our customers.

The discoveries and work we do in our laboratories help to improve our customers' bottom line while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations. For example, our growing portfolio of antibiotic alternatives address emerging consumer demand for a reduction of antibiotics used when raising livestock and poultry. Kemin solutions are strengthening safety throughout various stages of the food chain, improving animal nutrition via enhanced ingredient utilization and developing new solutions focused on improving overall animal health.


Kemin helps customers raise healthy animals by providing superior nutritional benefits in every stage of life. Increasing performance, improving health and reducing environmental impacts while meeting their nutritional needs, leads to increased profitability.

Gut Health

In animal production industries, gut health is synonymous with animal health. Just like people need to maintain good digestive health for a quality life, so do animals. Cultivating animal intestinal integrity is top priority in order to see the best performance of production animals. The phrase "gut health" can encompass a number of health priorities like nutrient digestion and absorption, metabolism and energy generation and more. Gut health can also be defined as the absence, prevention and avoidance of disease in those areas so animals can perform the physiological functions.

Feed Quality

A multiple hurdle approach to control the biological hazards at all levels along the feed-to-farm chain: raw materials, finished feed, feed milling process and at the farm level program targeting at biohazards in animal products that will impact human health.

Feed Milling

Feed represents the single largest cost of raising animals. It is hence essential that the feed is milled efficiently to keep the cost low and safely protected from the harmful organisms. Kemin has developed various solutions for improving the milling efficiency and safeguarding the feed and feed ingredients from mold and pathogens, such as Salmonella.



In addition to these solutions, the Kemin Technical Service Team will help you successfully implement these products in the most effective way possible.

The Product Application Department (PAD) will also work with customers to develop systems to accurately and efficiently apply these products in your specific product system.

The Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offered by Kemin is available to identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy for customers.