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Kemin Application Solutions

Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) is comprised of trusted, reliable engineers with years of industry experience to help you achieve the precise application of liquid ingredients. KAS engineers are dedicated to designing liquid application systems and overseeing system fabrication, installation, training and maintenance.

To determine the right system for your feed mill, a KAS engineer will conduct a site survey to set standard and critical specifications for each project, including:

  • Proper application points
  • Proper application time
  • Mixing capabilities
  • Automation capabilities
  • Reporting needs

After installation, KAS provides continued support to optimise your investment in Kemin-designed equipment and the Kemin products it applies to.

To reach the best effective use of our liquid programmes, a proper product application and distribution is critical. We offer a total solution, committed to providing customised equipment, training and education to ensure our liquid products are optimally utilised to reach the desired effectiveness.

Kemin’s KAS team of highly qualified experts consults with customers to design tailored product application systems. Assemblage of the systems is done by a dedicated team of engineers.

Kemin Engineers use their expertise to provide training and education, ensuring your performance goals are met by:

  • Assisting customers in selecting the correct equipment
  • Supporting field trials with demo equipment
  • Completing comprehensive site visits
  • Advising on product application rates, locations and process development
  • Providing in-house expertise to design, assemble, install systems
  • Offering frequent maintenance of all application systems
  • Rapidly responding to issues afterwards