About Milling Efficiency & Feed Safety

The Role Improved Feed Safety & Milling Efficiency Plays in Modern Animal Production

Nutrition is critical to the health and optimal growth potential of any animal, especially production animals.

Feed production is a complex process and it is of critical importance to ensure that the food reaching the consumer is both safe and wholesome. For food derived from animals, the hazards of contamination may come from several places, including the consumption of contaminated feed by food producing animals. Recent outbreaks of food-borne bacterial infections have heightened public concern about the safety of foods of animal origin.

Feed quality therefore directly affects the health of the animal as well as the end consumer. Ensuring the safety of feed is fundamental to a farm’s reputation and its success. At Kemin we are committed to preventing diseases, not only on farm-level, but also throughout the global food supply chain. We want to help farmers and feed producers run smart, sustainable operations to the benefit of everyone involved.

That’s why after extensive global research, continuous innovation and input from our diverse range of customers around the world, we have developed a range of solutions to address key challenges relating to feed safety and milling efficiency.

Feed Safety

Our feed safety range covers Salmonella and microbial control measures, in parallel with mould inhibition and mycotoxin binding

Milling Efficiency

Our animal feed safety product range, also known as Kemin’s millSMART Feed Processing programme supports enhanced production, profitability, quality and pelleting performance for feed millers. The programme allows feed millers to better preserve valuable energy resources, reduce wastage and milling losses and work towards improving processes, ultimately ensuring a sustainable future.

Need help? Kemin can help you identify critical control points and risks and provide a strategic approach that will help ensure the protection of your operations and products. To find out more about what Kemin can do to improve the milling efficiency and food safety of your facility, click here.