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Customer Laboratory Services

For animal nutrition and health professionals who demand unique market insights, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offers tailored scientific support through innovative service and profound analysis.

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) are available to identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy for customers throughout all phases of the purchasing and product usage process. Our dedicated analytical laboratory tests for potentially harmful agents such as mould and mycotoxins. We share valuable knowledge to enable our customers to improve quality and overall performance.

Our Customer Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated lab equipment and advanced protocols to demonstrate the efficiency of our products and programmes. Unique customer analysis, such as the lipid evaluation test, thoroughly evaluates the quality of oils and other raw materials. Tailored scientific reports are created, bringing exclusive insights to our customers. In addition, our CLS specialists translate insights based on results from a laboratory environment into production facilities when visiting customers.

The Benefits of Kemin’s CLS:

  • Tailored scientific support
  • State of the art scientific studies, dedicated lab experiments and high quality research
  • Translation of big data into relevant information
  • Visualisation of the mode of action of various products in order to demonstrate the added value

This service enables the optimal application of the Kemin products through developing unique solutions with tailored laboratory services comprising various microbial and chemical analyses.

The CLS team provides value throughout all phases from manufacturing through to customer implementation by assisting with:

  • Product inclusion levels
  • Ingredient and product troubleshooting to assist our clients with their product quality
  • New ingredient and product development assistance
  • Analytical support, applied research and quality control support