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In livestock farming, nutrition is everything! Unfortunately, many feed ingredients are not fully digested by animals, which makes it difficult to get the best possible nutritional value out of the feed.

The answer: Adding enzymes to feed that can help break down substrates and lead to better digestion.

The role of KEMZYME® in Animal Digestion

Kemin’s KEMZYME® takes digestibility one step further. It is a stabilised, multi-enzyme feed ingredient designed to improve the digestibility of raw materials and increase the nutrient levels of feed.

Because it is made up of both exogenous and endogenous enzymes, KEMZYME® provides a complete and convenient option for breaking down complex substrates that require more than one enzyme activity for digestion. Improving the digestion of non-starch polysaccharide complex substrates increases the amount of energy and amino acids available to the animal.

KEMZYME® allows nutritionists and feed producers to keep feed costs under control by extending the range of raw materials and improving the efficiency of existing formulations.

A KEMZYME® Range to Fit Your Needs

In feed production, it’s important to get the right combination of enzymes for your specific formula and production conditions. KEMZYME® is available in two different product formats to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits of KEMZYME® Plus Dry

  • Five declared enzyme activities: NSP, starch and protein focus.
  • Active on a wide range of raw materials.
  • Increases feed digestibility.
  • Decreases intestinal viscosity.
  • A pre-pelleting dry application.
  • Suitable for use in conditioning-pelleting temperatures up to 80 °C .
  • A post-pelleting liquid application.

The Benefits of KEMZYME® Plus P Dry

  • Six declared enzyme activities: KEMZYME® Plus Dry + 6-Phytase.
  • Suitable for use in conditioning-pelleting temperatures up to 80 °C .
  • A pre-pelleting dry application.

Kemin’s Value-Added Service

With decades of research and a customer-centric approach, Kemin is able to provide our customer with more than scientifically proven research and results but also a tailor-made value-added service.

Beyond this product features and benefits, our sales representatives offer valuable feed reformulation advice and other insights to help you get the most out of KEMZYME®.