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Carotenoids Pigments

Carotenoids: The Advantages of Kemin’s Natural Poultry Pigment Products

Consistent Egg Pigmentation and Health Benefits of Kemin’s Carotenoids

In poultry, skin, egg colour and appearance as well as consistency play a central role in the judging quality and marketability of the products. Oxycarotenoids are responsible for the pigmentation of egg yolks and skin as well as of legs, beak, combs and feathers and as poultry cannot produce these pigments, they must be consumed from the birds’ feed.

For more than 20 years, Kemin has been providing high-quality and safe carotenoid products to the poultry industry.

The use of natural pigments has increased due to consumer concerns. ORO GLO™ 20, a Marigold extract, and Kem GLO™ 5, a paprika extract, are natural pigments. Paprika (Capsicum annuum) contains red pigments whereas Marigolds are plants that are commonly used in yolk pigmentation and contains yellow carotenoids. Xanthophyll carotenoids in egg yolks are comprised of lutein and zeaxanthin, and Marigolds are one of the most concentrated sources of lutein (80% to 90% lutein).

Health Benefits of Lutein and Xanthophyll Carotenoid Supplements

Eggs supplemented with Lutein and Xantophyll carotenoids can have several developmental and physiological health benefits including:

  • promoting overall eye health and function;
  • acting as internal sunglasses to filter out blue light, the most damaging spectrum of visible light;
  • helping to protect cells from oxidative damage and inflammation;
  • boosting immune system functions; and
  • supporting skin health.

ORO GLO™ 20, a source of yellow pigmentation made from Marigold flowers, improves egg yolk colour and increases lutein levels. The manufacturing technology used produces a highly stable, consistent orange/yellow carotenoid, which allows for:

  • Consistent pigment colour and particle density throughout the product.
  • Additional lutein value to eggs.
  • A highly stable and standardised product to guarantee consistent xanthophyll addition to the feed.

Kemin developed Kem GLO™ 5, a natural egg yolk pigmentation stabiliser made from paprika peppers with a consistent orange/red colour. By combining Kem GLO™ 5 with ORO GLO™ 20 poultry egg farmers will achieve a darker egg yolk colour.

Kem GLO™ 5 benefits:

  • Low pungency paprika oleoresin with high color concentration
  • Allows uniform distribution of color throughout the feed for more consistent egg pigmentation
  • Consistent, stabilized pigment color density throughout the product