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Xygest™ HT

Xylanase is one of the most important non-starch polysaccharide enzymes for animal nutrition and health. Application of xylanase increases feed efficiency by degrading the arabinoxylans in wheat and corn, leading to reduced gut viscosity and increased performance in birds.

For poultry professionals, Kemin is pleased to introduce Xygest™ HT — a new xylanase enzyme solution that has been tested and proven to reduce cost and increase profits 

The role of Kemin's single enzyme Xylanase, Xygest™ HT, in monogastric diets.

Xygest™ HT Dry is an intrinsically thermostable endo-1,4-beta-xylanase enzyme. It breaks down non‐starch polysaccharides in feed, improves the degradation of dietary fibre and maximizes energy utilization. Xygest™ HT is a thermostable xylanase, with the ability to withstand pelleting of up to 95 °C.

Xygest™ HT delivers the safety and quality you demand.

It’s backed by extensive product trials that prove its effectiveness as well as expert formulation advice and product support from Kemin that will be tailored to your operation’s exact needs. 

The benefits of using Xygest™ HT

  • Increases prebiotic activity
  • Intrinsically heat and pH stable
  • Maximises feed efficiency
  • Reduces feed costs
  • Improves animal health
  • Offers versatility
  • Increases performance