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Efficient Nutrient Utilisation

Efficient Nutrient Digestion and Absorption

The Role Kemin Can Play In Ensuring Enhanced Monogastric Performance & Health

The estimated growth rate of a modern broiler is estimated at 2.4 g per hour. Enhancing efficient livestock production requires multiple approaches including breeding strategies for genetic progress, improved nutrition and management practices, implementing advanced and modern technologies, and reducing illness. With growing consumer pressure on protein prices and increased input costs there is a drive for improved profitability by optimising the efficiency of an already highly advanced animal.

In order for modern production animals to achieve their full potential, it is essential to ensure that they not only receive the correct nutrition but are also able to digest and absorb efficient nutrients from the feed.

Optimal digestion and absorption of all feed nutrients will ensure enhanced animal performance, improved feed efficiency, improved animal health and increased profitability of the business.

Kemin offers opportunities to increase nutrient digestion and nutrient absorption in poultry and swine with LYSOFORTE™ and KEMZYME®

Kemin has made complete nutrient digestibility and absorption a commercial reality

Kemin’s approach to enhancing animal health and farm profitability is an holistic approach, which has allowed us to address various challenges on the farm in innovative and complementary ways.

We maximise nutrient digestibility and absorption (LYSOFORTE™KEMZYME®) while ensuring a balanced intestinal microbial population through CLOSTAT™. Mucosal integrity is ensured by the use of ButiPEARL™, and gastrointestinal health can be improved with the use of encapsulated organic acids such as FormaXOL™.

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