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KEM WET® Liquid

Boosting Milling Operation Efficiencies

The profitability of feed mills are largely impacted by their ability to remain productive while ensuring high levels of safety.

Kemin aims to help feed mills increase their profitability by firstly, helping feed mills focus on their Feed Processing Key Performance Indicators, and secondly, addressing and improving the results through our millSMART Feed Processing programme.

KEM WET® forms part of this programme.

KEM WET® is a synergistic blend of different tension active agents , which boost milling operation efficiencies by increasing conditioning performance. The product reduces surface tension and enhances transfer, spreading, penetration and stability of water-based solutions in feedstuff materials.

KEM WET®’s physical properties and surface-active agents allow it to penetrate into feed particles and distribute uniformly.

The Role of KEM WET® in Feed Processing Productivity & Profitability

How it works

Wetting agents reduce the surface tension of hydro-soluble liquids, affecting their physical and chemical properties and leading to texturised, soaked, and conditioned feedstuff. The water solution of KEM WET® penetrates easily in feed particles and distributes uniformly achieving optimum conditions and resulting in superior feed process performance.

Benefits of KEM WET®

  • Balanced synergistic combination of powerful surface-active compounds
  • Special affinity for water-based liquids
  • Unique physical properties result in an excellent distribution of the product solution
  • Effective at low inclusion rates
  • Not classified as corrosive, effortless automatic application
  • Stable at low temperatures and in water solutions