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Effective Control of Salmonella Contamination & Recontamination in Animal Feed & Raw Materials

Pathogens like bacteria (i.e.  Salmonella), viruses and other microorganisms can cause life-threatening illnesses in animals and the humans that consume contaminated products of animal origin. Preventative pathogen control throughout the entire food and feed chain, from feed ingredients and feed to surfaces that come in contact with animals (on farms, in transit and during slaughter), are critical to sustaining successful operations.

Salmonella contamination remains a critical issue among feed and livestock producers. Feed contaminated with Salmonella can increase the risk of transmission of food-borne Salmonella species from animal to human via the food chain.

Kemin developed Sal CURB®, a range of feed additives to effectively control Salmonella in animal feed and raw materials.

The Role Sal CURB® plays in feed quality and safety

When it comes to livestock feed, the journey from harvest to animal consumption is a long and intricate one. In the process the risk of Salmonella contamination is plentiful. Salmonella contamination can occur in feed raw materials, imported oilseed meal/fish meal, compound feed, feed mills, transport vehicles and during silo storage, which means animal feed producers need to control Salmonella on all levels of the feed chain.

Kemin has a wide range of Sal CURB® products to cater to different areas of contamination as well as specific customer needs.

How it works

Sal CURB® is a synergistic blend of multiple organic acids with and without formaldehyde for rapid killing of Salmonella. In the undissociated form organic acids can easily penetrate the microbial cell wall of especially gram-negative bacteria. Inside the cell the acid molecules will dissociate, thereby reducing pH below its target values. The cell wall will try to get rid of the protons (H+ ions) released by the acids. This is an energy consuming process and will exhaust the bacterial metabolism. As a consequence, the bacterial cell will eventually die.

The Benefits of Sal CURB®

  • Safeguards raw feedstuff and feed from Salmonella contamination and recontamination.
  • Helps reduce the horizontal transmission of Salmonella through the feed.
  • Available in a variety of options to meet every customer’s unique application needs.