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FRESH CUT™ Plus Liquid

Nutrition is fundamental to ruminant health and performance. Farmers therefore have to ensure quality forage by preserving nutrients and protecting it from mould and yeast growth.

Harvest and storage losses for baled hay due to mould and yeast growth can represent a significant source of economic loss. These losses are directly related to the length of time cut hay lays in the field prior to baling. Baling hay at higher moisture levels reduces leaf shatter and field curing time. Additionally, more protein-rich leaves and softer stems improve digestibility.

Reducing field curing time allows for earlier hay regrowth, and this regrowth is less subject to damage by equipment. In order to bale at moisture levels above 15 percent, forage quality solutions are required to inhibit microbial growth and deterioration of the hay during storage.

The Role FRESH CUT™ Plus Liquid Plays in Forage Quality Management

Kemin developed FRESH CUT™ Plus Liquid in order to assist farmers with forage quality and preservation management. FRESH CUT™ Plus Liquid contains a blend of surfactants, antioxidants and organic acid preservatives for hay baled at higher moisture levels. The liquid is effective against a wide variety of fungal strains.

How FRESH CUT™ Plus Liquid works

This organic acid combination is primarily effective against mould and wild yeast growth. Organic acids (especially propionates) disrupt the enzymatic processes associated with plant and microbial respiration.

Kemin’s FRESH CUT™ Plus also includes a buffer to reduce metal corrosion and increase worker safety. Incorporating this liquid formulation will provide easy distribution, dispersion and penetration into hay.

Benefits of FRESH CUT™ Plus Liquid

  • Helps reduce leaf shattering and field losses by enabling baling of hay at higher moisture.
  • Hay baled at higher moisture levels retains more dry matter per acre.
  • Moist hay has greater digestibility and less nutrient loss.
  • Helps retain the natural hay colour and improves palatability.