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Top SAVOR® Plus

Good nutrition forms the basis of any livestock production. Healthy animals are able to grow, produce and reproduce optimally. Farmers are therefore under pressure to provide their livestock with quality feed, preferably forages that have been home-grown and preserved, for economic reasons. Unfortunately, poor harvest and storing conditions could encourage wild yeast, mould and mycotoxins to flourish and reduce the quality of the forages. Poor quality feed makes it difficult for ruminants to obtain the correct amounts of digestible energy and protein in order to grow, produce and reproduce optimally. In addition to this, exposure to mycotoxins can lead to serious health and immunity issues.

By following a proactive forage management programme, farmers can reduce economic losses and protect their cattle from serious illnesses.

The Role of Top SAVOR® Plus in Preserving Silage Bunker Top-Layers

It is well known that extensive spoilage frequently occurs on the silage surface layer just underneath the layer of plastic that covers the ensiled material. Surface spoilage is a serious issue as it represents lost feed money. The actual loss is likely more than it appears due to dry matter losses. Surface spoilage can also disrupt normal fermentation occurring in the rumen, reducing milk production and feed efficiency. Certain mould species may lead to feed refusals and other detrimental health and metabolic issues. The process of physically removing spoilage is time consuming and typically results in the loss of some good silage along with most of the bad.

To avoid these problems, the objective is to minimise surface spoilage as much as possible. The use of an organic acid based top-layer preservative may assist in limiting microbial growth on the surface layer.

Kemin’s Top SAVOR® Plus is specifically formulated to limit microbial growth, resulting in reduced spoilage losses on the silage surface layer.

How Top SAVOR® Plus Works

Top SAVOR® Plus is a broad-spectrum mould inhibitor, which disrupts the electron flow of the microbe cell’s mitochondria, leading to cell death. The surfactant enhances dispersion, distribution and penetration into the raw material. This combination of acids effectively targets wild yeast and mould growth in silage bunker top-layers in order to prevent spoilage losses.

Benefits of Top SAVOR® Plus

  • Delivers production efficiency by maintaining nutrient values of ensiled forages
  • Extends the shelf-life of high moisture co-products
  • Helps to protect silage bunker top-layers from aerobic spoilage
  • Prevents losses of halfway-halted layers where ensiling was stopped midway through compaction due to rain or machinery breakdown
  • Broad-spectrum activity against moulds, yeasts and bacteria
  • Increases relative microbial stability of feed and feed ingredients
  • Suppresses mould growth, thereby restricting potential production of mycotoxins
  • Buffered for improved equipment and employee safety (non-volatile, non-corrosive)