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Myco CURB®

Effectively Combat Mould And Preserve Feed From Microbial Growth

Fungal growth (mould and yeast) on feed ingredients and feed not only affect the nutritional value of feed and feed ingredients but also affect the taste of the product leading to reduced consumption and ultimately poor animal performance.

Moulds are always present in feed and feed ingredients if not addressed and managed effectively, they lead to the formation of mycotoxins, which give rise to pathological effects in animals and poor intestinal health.

The Role of Myco CURB® Mould Inhibitor in Feed Quality & Safety

Kemin realises the importance of feed quality and safety and have therefore developed a Mycotoxin Management Toolbox to help farmers and millers address the issue. Myco CURB® forms part of this Toolbox as the star mould inhibitor to preserve feed and raw materials.

Myco CURB® is a synergistic combination of mould inhibitor compounds and surface-active agents, all of which effectively combat moulds and their harmful consequences on feed raw materials and finished feeds. The result is long lasting preservation from microbial growth during storage.

How it works

Myco CURB® penetrates the mould cell and disrupts the normal cell physiology (reduction of intracellular cytoplasm pH and generation of anion accumulation), resulting in mould death.

Benefits of Myco CURB®

  • Balanced synergistic combination of mould inhibition compounds and surfactants
  • Broad spectrum activity against a wide range of moulds
  • Unique chemical and physical properties result in excellent product distribution
  • Reduced corrosiveness compared to other acidic products
  • User-friendly, easy to handle and apply
  • Stable at low temperatures and in water solutions