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Tailored Services

Industry-Leading Dedication to Quality and Safety

At Kemin, we provide a comprehensive solution to all our customers, from farmers to feed producers and millers. We are just as active in feed and raw material processing and handling as we are in livestock production (integrators/farmers).

It is our goal to bring our expertise to every step of every process to assure the quality and performance of our products and to further develop innovative solutions that address evolving consumer expectations. Through our various dedicated departments we are able to innovate and improve the quality and safety of our products and services.

Technical Services & Sales Teams
The Kemin Technical Services and Sales Teams work together to use applied knowledge and industry experience – ultimately ensuring that our discoveries are applied effectively to customers’ operations and yield the highest possible return on investment.
Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)
For animal nutrition and health professionals who demand unique market insights, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offers tailored scientific support through innovative service and profound analysis.
Kemin Application Solutions (KAS)
Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) is comprised of trusted, reliable engineers with years of industry experience to help you achieve the precise application of liquid ingredients.

Importance of accurate product application and distribution

Do you know what the surface area of all feed particles in one tonne of feed is? This equates to the approximate surface area of a professional rugby or soccer field. Imagine applying 1 or 2 litres of an antimicrobial or mould inhibitor to treat a tonne of feed, needing to cover the surface area of the entire field.

The volume applied would need to be sprayed to cover the whole surface of the tonne of feed to ensure that optimal efficacy is reached. This is a challenge, from both a product and application engineering technology perspective. The Kemin Application Solutions team has developed a wide set of applicators, with varying functionalities to suit the feed mill size and its objectives.