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Broad Spectrum Mycotoxin Binder For Improved Feed Safety

Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites/compounds produced by mould. They are colourless and odourless and can be present even if moulds aren’t visible. Mycotoxins can affect the health of animals by giving rise to pathological effects such as liver and kidney toxicity, reproductive and intestinal health issues.

The risk of mycotoxins entering the feed chain is almost unavoidable. Preventative mycotoxin management measures, such as the use of mycotoxin binders, are therefore a must for production economics, animal welfare and feed safety. By using the right mycotoxin adsorbent you can protect your business and animals from the negative effects of mycotoxins.

The Role of TOXFIN™ in feed quality and safety

Kemin developed, TOXFIN™, an economical and efficacious broad spectrum mycotoxin binder for use in all animal feed, to protect against the harmful effects of mycotoxins present in feedstuff.

How it works

TOXFIN™ contains dipolar clays, possessing both positive and negative charges simultaneously. These clays also possess different dipolarities at different pH levels. Binding is generated by ionic attractions between negative and positive charges of both the mycotoxins and activated clays resulting in binding and thus safe excretion of mycotoxins bound to TOXFIN™. The combination of activated clays, as well as the selection of effective clays, provide a multi-layered dipolar net to enhance adsorption capabilities and binding area. The large surface area available also maximises the potential binding opportunities within the feed.

Benefits of TOXFIN™

  • Re-establishes animal performance during mycotoxicosis
  • Reduces immunosuppression caused by mycotoxins
  • Maintains organ health during mycotoxicosis
  • Ensures feed safety