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ENTEROSURE™ – Multi-Strain Probiotic for Intestinal Resilience

ENTEROSURE is a proactive multi-strain probiotic solution for veterinarians and nutritionists across Africa who want to improve the microbiome

ENTEROSURE mitigates and prevents intestinal health challenges in poultry and swine like pathogenic bacterial outbreaks and dysbacteriosis and improves productivity.

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Improve Poultry and Swine Production

The well-being of animals is contingent on the resilience of their intestines to resist and recover from illnesses. With the rise of antibiotic resistance and the decreased efficacy of vaccines, there are fewer ways to control new and emerging disease outbreaks.

ENTEROSURE is an effective and comprehensive probiotic that promotes intestinal resilience to prevent disease before it develops. This safeguards swine and poultry health and welfare and improves growth and performance.

ENTEROSURE is Approved for:

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  • Broilers
  • Layers
  • Breeders
  • Pullets
  • Ostrich 
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  • Sows
  • Weaners
  • Growers

Promote a Healthy Microbiome

ENTEROSURE helps strengthen the intestinal microbiome, protecting swine and poultry from harmful pathogens before they become a problem.

The heat and PH-stable proprietary blend of probiotic Bacillus strains actively inhibits the proliferation of detrimental bacteria and fosters the development of beneficial bacteria.

ENTEROSURE Helps Protect Swine and Poultry Against:

  • Clostridium perfringens 
  • Salmonella
  • Escherichia coli 

A New Approach to Intestinal Health Challenges

While pathogen inhibition is crucial in the overall strategy for managing intestinal health challenges, ENTEROSURE goes to the next level. It is possible for C. perfringens, E. coli and Salmonella to live in the intestinal tract and do minimal harm to the host bird or pig. It’s when those bacteria translocate that they can cause clinical disease.

When harmful bacteria are able to move through the intestinal walls into the body, they pose the most severe risk. The three proprietary Bacillus species in ENTEROSURE work together to prevent this. Three proven modes of action show how this works.

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