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Animal Nutrition & Health

As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand for protein is soaring along with it. Kemin is dedicated to developing ingredients that help producers raise healthy livestock and poultry. We are a trusted market leader in the animal feed, beef, dairy, poultry and swine industries. Our wide variety of science-backed solutions help optimise nutrition, improve gut health, support immune function, enhance the absorption of nutrients, extend the shelf life of feed, and reduce harmful pathogens in the feed and water animals consume, all while maximising our customers’ profitability.

Kemin’s industry-leading platforms are improving and strengthening safety throughout various stages of the global food chain. From improving animal nutrition by means of enhanced ingredient utilisation to developing new solutions focused on advancing overall animal health.

All our solutions are backed by a team of experts, as well as rigorous quality and safety standards, to ensure our customers get the most out of every product.

The discoveries and work we do in our laboratories help to improve our customers' bottom line, while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations. Our growing portfolio of antibiotic alternatives, for example, address emerging consumer demand for reduced antibiotic usage with the raising of livestock. Each of Kemin’s diverse solutions can unlock considerable value from the bottom all the way up.

Kemin’s Animal Nutrition & Health Platforms

Intestinal Health

In animal production industries, gut health is synonymous with animal health and necessary in order for an animal to reach its genetic potential. It is clearly linked to feed conversion, daily gains and uniformity. The intestinal health of an animal can be influenced by the daily diet consumed, and is critical in the prevention of risks and diseases.

Kemin’s Intestinal Health is a comprehensive and scientifically proven platform that addresses immune function, intestinal integrity and a healthy microbiome, assuring environmentally and economically sustainable animal production.

Monogastric Nutrition

Nutritional supplements and feed additives are feed components that play a vital role in improving the quality of feed, and ultimately the quality of food. Nutrition is also influenced by the quality of raw material, which is why Kemin provides novel and sustainable solutions for supporting oxidative stability and enhancing efficient nutrient absorption in monogastric and rendering industries.

Kemin's Monogastric Nutrition platform provides customers with innovative nutritional solutions and products to help them achieve superior performance and efficiency. 

We supply solutions that not only improve animal health but also reduce the negative impact the industry may have on the environment.


Healthy livestock equals nutritional and health benefits, which translates into better profits for the producers. Through the Kemin Ruminants platform, Kemin provides insights and expertise to improve nutritional goals for ruminants. We offer a range of scientifically-proven, nutritional solutions including total amino acid efficiency, nutrient utilisation and forage management, addressing the key fundamentals for efficient, sustainable and profitable ruminant production.

Milling And Safety

Feed represents the single largest cost of raising animals. In order to keep costs down, it is thus essential to produce feed efficiently, whilst also ensuring that feed is safely protected from harmful organisms until it is consumed. Kemin has developed various solutions for improving milling efficiency and safeguarding feed and feed ingredients from moulds, mycotoxins and pathogens, such as Salmonella. The Kemin Milling and Safety platform consists of a multiple-hurdle-approach to control the biological hazards at every interval along the feed-to-farm chain. The multiple-hurdle-approach includes targeted bio-hazard management programmes for raw materials, finished feed, feed milling processes and farm-level bio-hazards in animal products, that could impact human health.


In addition to the above solutions, the Kemin Technical Services Team will help you to successfully implement these products and programmes, in the most effective way possible.

Our Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) Team will also work with customers to develop systems with which to accurately and efficiently apply these products, in your specific production system.

The Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offered by Kemin identifies problem areas and confirms product efficacy for customers.