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After years of extensive research into the health of production animals like poultry and swine, Kemin identified intestinal health as a critical component of modern animal production. As a result Kemin developed a three-geared holistic approach targeted at developing and maintaining the intestinal (gut) health of animals.

Each of the three intestinal-health-building gears work in unison with one another and are key to each other’s success. Aleta™ is a product Kemin developed to specifically help address the health of one of these gears, namely intestinal immunity and is Kemin’s answer to immune modulation for the optimal health and performance of animals.

The role Aleta™ plays in production animals’ intestinal health

In modern production, various challenges can compromise the health of animals and lead to economic losses. In order to increase production efficiency and optimise economic profitability, animal health management is vital. This can be achieved by improving an animal’s immunity, disease resistance and overall intestinal health.

Aleta™ is a unique, bio-available linear Beta 1,3 Glucan derived from algae. It is used for immune modulation and support and improves the general intestinal health of animals.

How Aleta™ works

Aleta™ interacts with the immune system resulting in immune modulation. Immune cells are rapidly recruited and activated to the site of infection increasing the ability of the animal to cope with the disease. Consequently, Aleta™ will help animals during stress, disease and vaccination periods.


The benefits of immune modulation using Aleta™

  • Improves vaccination efficiency
  • Helps animals to resists stressful conditions: heat, cold, vaccinations
  • Reduces morbidity and mortality during pathogenic challenges (disease)
  • Supports animals in antibiotic reduction programs and AGP removal programs
  • Provides consistent ROI: avoids performance reduction in situations of disease and stress
  • Helps young animals mature their immune systems