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Using Enzymes to Improve Digestibility & Increase Nutrient Levels of Raw Materials & Feed

In livestock farming, nutrition is everything! Unfortunately, many feed ingredients are not fully digested by animals, which makes it difficult to gain the best possible nutritional value out of the feed.

The solution: To add enzymes to livestock feed in order to help break down substrates and improve digestion.

Kemin’s range of Single- and Multi-Enzymes helps farmers do just this!

How Can Enzymes Improve Digestibility And Increase Nutrient Uptake In Livestock Feed?

Enzymes, by definition, are chemicals or catalysts released by cells to speed up specific chemical reactions. This definition accounts for enzymes released in the digestive tract to aid in the digestion of food. Today, these same enzymes can be effectively manufactured and added to animal feeds. Three classes of enzymes are typically considered for use in feeds, namely:

· Phytases

· Carbohydrases

· Proteases

The Significance Of Single- And Multi-Enzymes Feed Supplementation

When it comes to adding enzymes to livestock feed, Kemin offers various diverse products to suit individual needs and obtain specific results. Single-Enzyme products, in other words products with one, individual enzyme can be bought, alternatively we also offer Multi-Enzyme products that offer customers a combination/blend of effective enzymes.

Research has shown that the application of multiple enzymes in animal feed can result in additive, sub-additive, or synergistic effects on nutrient utilisation and animal performance. Nutrients in raw feed materials exist as complexes with various linkages to protein, fat, fibre, and other complex carbohydrates. By combining various enzymes, rather than using pure single enzymes can therefore improve digestion of these structurally complex raw materials.

In some instances applying Multi-Enzymes to livestock feed aren’t always practical. Nutritionists and feed producers need to select the most preferred Single-Enzyme products