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Kemin Application Solutions

Because every customer and production facility is unique, we provide custom-made equipment solutions through a dedicated Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) team that allows our customers to get the most out of the Kemin products they purchase.

Liquid application systems can help lower the cost of application, improve the technical efficacy and reduce variability and application errors— all of which requires a tailored application system.  
Our Kemin Application Solutions provide unique application technology, expertise and services to help customers maximize the value of Kemin ingredients. By pairing our liquid product with application expertise, Kemin offers a total solution for customers. 

Kemin Application Solutions’ Customer Support Includes:  

  • Selecting, calibrating and installing application equipment at pet food and rendering facilities

  • Training production staff on proper use of equipment and ingredients 

  • Determining application rates, locations for dosing and processes

  • Providing in-house design, assembly and testing of equipment  

  • Guiding equipment start, training of customer staff and ongoing equipment maintenance

  • Assisting with troubleshooting for application system  



The Kemin Application Solutions team includes experienced engineers and technicians that help install, maintain and optimize customer application equipment to ensure our ingredients are meeting customers’ performance goals. Understanding that every production facility is different and every customer has unique goals, our engineers and technical experts work closely with each Kemin customer to develop tailor-made application solutions and monitor processes. 

This support includes Kemin experts who host workshops and trainings to share application best practices and insights with customers. Kemin engineers help customers choose the right application equipment; support field trials; provide ideas on application rates, locations and process developments; complete comprehensive site visits; quickly respond to questions following installation; and more. Before designing and installing a full application system, run pilot trials with mobile units to ensure the application will work well in the customer’s facility. Once an application system has been installed, the Kemin Application Solutions team continues to support customers with system service and maintenance from local field engineers stationed around the globe. 


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