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Modern animal production, particularly in poultry and swine, is extremely challenging. Often animals struggle with health issues as a result of the production pressure and stress of these environments, which could lead to economic losses.

Ensuring the intestinal health of these animals is key to optimising their health and genetic potential. Kemin’s three-geared holistic approach is the answer to developing and maintaining the intestinal health of production animals.


Intestinal integrity is one of the three fundamental gears Kemin identified, and this is where ButiPEARL™ comes in.

The Role ButiPEARL™ Plays In Production Animals’ Intestinal Health

Research has shown that butyric acid, a fatty acid produced in the large intestine of monogastric animals, is essential when it comes to ensuring optimum intestinal integrity. This is because up to 70% of the energy requirements of the cells of the intestinal barrier (intestinal enterocytes) is derived from butyric acid.

ButiPEARL™ is an encapsulated source of butyric acid manufactured using a proprietary spray freezing process. MicroPEARL® spray freezing technology allows for the slow release of butyric acid into the gastrointestinal tract promoting the efficient use of butyric acid. The result? The upregulation of the expression of tight junction proteins in the intestine, improved intestinal barrier integrity and nutrient absorption.

How ButiPEARL™ works

  • During the manufacturing process particles of butyric acid salt are embedded inside the pearl matrix. Once exposed to moisture some of these particles are released, leaving holes behind.
  • Liquid enters through these exterior holes into the pearl and more butyric acid particles are released.
  • This process is repeated until the pearls resemble empty shells.
  • The released material disassociates into butyric acid and calcium. Epithelial cells of the intestinal tract absorb the butyric acid. The body also absorbs the calcium, while the fat matrix is excreted.

The benefits of butyric acid via ButiPEARL™

  • Improves the gut integrity of animals, which results in improved nutrient uptake
  • Upregulates the expression of tight junction proteins in the intestines
  • Prevents leaky gut
  • Reduces inflammation and modulates intestinal immunity
  • Improves body weight gain, FCR and flock uniformity
  • Assist in the development of the intestinal tract of newly hatched chicks and new born piglets
  • Increases nutrient uptake in old layers thus improving egg quality