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Mycotoxin Management

Mycotoxin Management To Maintain Feed Quality and Safety

The Importance of Following a Mycotoxin Management Programme

The health and optimum growth potential of each and every production animal stems from the food it eats and the nutrients its body is able to absorb from it. Offering animals high quality, safe feed is therefore critical to the success of any livestock farming operation. In doing so farmers need to be vigilant with regards to mould and subsequent mycotoxin growth.

What are Mycotoxins?

A mycotoxin (from the Greek μύκης mykes, "fungus" and τοξικόν toxikon, "poison") is a toxic secondary metabolite/ compound produced by mould. Mycotoxins give rise to many different pathological effects in animals and humans, such as toxicity in the liver and kidney, defects of the central nervous system and oestrogenic/reproductive hormone responses. These pathologies lead to lower animal performance, productivity and fertility. While poor animal performance is of economic importance, the effect of many mycotoxins on the immune system of the animals is of increased concern.

Mycotoxins can impact vaccination efficiency, the susceptibility of animals to viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases, as well as having a negative impact on intestinal morphology and function, resulting in compromised intestinal health.

Kemin’s Mycotoxin Management Toolbox

Routine mycotoxin feed sample screenings

In order to help maintain feed quality and safety, Kemin aims to form lasting partnerships with our customers. As a result we created Customer Laboratory Services (CLS). CLS translates customer needs into innovative tools such as routine mycotoxin screenings. Thousands of feed and raw material samples are screened yearly, resulting in a huge database showing regional and seasonal mycotoxin contaminations and trends. All data is gathered into a bi-annual and regional survey. Additionally, after a thorough screening of your feed and raw material samples, a tailor-made mycotoxin management programme is offered.

Broad spectrum multi-mycotoxin binder for animal protection

TOXFIN™ is a unique family of mycotoxin binders consisting of unique, activated adsorbents that bind the relevant mycotoxins along the gastrointestinal tract, reducing mycotoxin bio-availability and promoting their excretion from the animal's body.

Demonstrated feed safety with Kemin’s mould inhibitor

Myco CURB® is a very effective mould inhibitor that preserves feed and raw materials from mould contamination, consequently also preventing mycotoxin production during storage.

Benefits of using Kemin’s Mycotoxin Management Toolbox

  • Safeguards raw materials and feeds
  • As a result of regular mycotoxin risk assessments, corrective actions can take place, saving time and money
  • Lowers incidence of mycotoxicosis
  • Safeguards animal performance and health

For more information on Kemin’s Mycotoxin Management Toolbox and what the best course of action is in your specific situation, click here.

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