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Methionine is an essential amino acid (AA) and it is one of the two AA’s that are often limiting in dairy cattle diets. During the transition period when cows are vulnerable and energy negative, Methionine also plays a metabolic role in helping to maintain the health of dairy cows.

In the liver, methionine enhances the metabolism of fat, which minimises the risk of fatty liver and ketosis. Methionine helps to minimise inflammatory processes and reduces oxidative stress through its metabolic synthesis of glutathione, a natural antioxidant.

A rumen-protected methionine supplement will help a pregnant or lactating dairy cow meet the elevated requirement of methionine for the synthesis of proteins, production of hormones and other molecules that have a positive impact on the immune system, and it will also assist with milk production during lactation.

The Role of MetiPEARL™ in Improved Dairy Cattle Health

Not all rumen-protected AA products are the same. It is important that a protected AA delivers the required amount of the nutrient to the right place, so that it is available for absorption and utilisation by the cow.

High rumen bypass alone does not deliver an adequate amount of available methionine to the cow. A high rumen bypass and poor small intestinal digestibility will only deliver a small amount of metabolisable AA, which may not meet the requirement of the cow.

Figure 1 shows the bioavailability of DL-methionine in a known quantity of MetiPEARL™.

How MetiPEARL™ Works

MetiPEARL™ is an encapsulated methionine using Kemin’s proprietary MicroPEARLS™ process that delivers the nutrient to the right place, at the right time. MetiPEARL™ uses the spray freezing technology with unique handling and releasing characteristics. Thanks to this technology, each step of the production process is controlled allowing us to optimise the production, delivering a rumen-protected product with optimum rumen protection and high intestinal bioavailability. It is one of the only encapsulated DL- Methionine sources on the market that is safe for pelleting in environments of up to 80 °C.


Benefits of MetiPEARL™

  • Greater flexibility in balancing rations to AA specifications
  • The combination of rumen bypass and intestinal availability provides cost-effective sources of limiting AA
  • As less energy is required to break down protein in order to obtain methionine, energy-corrected milk production is improved
  • It is a concentrated source of metabolisable methionine
  • Offers consistent quality to fully or partially substitute variable raw materials
  • Improves metabolisable methionine content of the diet without negatively impacting feed intake
  • Frees up diet space by partially or completely replacing certain raw materials
  • Optimises economics as ingredient prices permit
  • Directs supply of the essential amino acid methionine into the intestinal tract