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Balancing Amino Acids

Balancing Amino Acids (AA) For Higher Milk Yield & Optimised Production

The Kemin Amino Acid Programme is based on the concept of balancing AA with encapsulated lysine and methionine, which contributes to higher milk yields, higher milk solids, optimised reproduction and greater herd profitability for many dairy producers.

Balancing Amino Acids (AA) in dairy cow diets is becoming more widely accepted among dairy producers. Expensive protein supplements and a desire to lower protein levels in diets, as well as continued refinement and improvement of nutrition models are behind this increase in interest.

Protected AA nutrition aims to fill the gap of today’s high producing cows without leaving deficiencies that could be detrimental to the cow in the future. This can be done by ensuring that the amino acids that enter the lower intestine have the best chance of absorption into the body where it can be used by the cow.

The Kemin Amino Acid Programme: Implementing Rumen-Protected Lysine and Methionine


The Kemin Amino Acid Programme is a three-step process involving data-driven research using sophisticated models.


STEP 1: In the lab

We make use of up-to-the-minute, innovative technology and resources guaranteeing the most effective rumen protection rate and highest bioavailability.

STEP 2: In the ruminant animal

We conduct various studies and tests in ruminant animals and make use of reliable and confident bioavailability data that allow us to optimise nutritional use.


STEP 3: On the dairy farm/dairy industry

Our extensive research and dairy industry data is inspired by our decades of experience in the field and is driven by science. This data offers enough technical knowledge and implementation guidance for dairy producers looking to improve performance and take advantage of the functional benefits.


Benefits of Protected AA Nutrition Through Kemin’s Amino Acid Programme

Due to the continuous increase in feed prices and the cost of milk production, diet formulation has become very challenging. The Kemin Amino Acid Programme helps to reformulate diets with low crude protein content. By improving metabolisable protein utilisation we are successfully maximising dairy cow production. The benefits of amino acid balancing for lysine and methionine through this programme are emmense.

Bioavailability of nutrients refer to nutrients that are absorbed and used by the animal. The Kemin Amino Acid Programme provides highly bioavailable nutrient sources for dairy cows. Kemin has developed rumen protected lysine and methionine products to support these goals and keep dairy cows healthy and productive.

Research shows increasing milk production requires consistent protein sources. We know dairy cows perform best with an efficient, total mixed ration (TMR) diet containing rumen protected lysine, methionine and choline. Producers and nutritionists are constantly working to find cost-effective and bioavailable protein sources for use in their rations.

How it works

Take a closer look at our proprietary GEM and MicroPEARLS® technologies by watching the following video:


With over 30 years of experience and millions of invested research, Kemin backs all of its products with guarantees of safety and support.