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The MicroPEARLS® technology in ButiPEARL provides three main benefits:

  1. No bad smell
  2. Easy handling and mixing at the feed mill
  3. Sustained release at desired site of action

This last benefit (sustained release) leads to a more profitable application.

Low Dose, High Performance

Since the MicroPEARL technology allows for a protected and high concentration of the active ingredient, it is possible to achieve an application of ButiPEARLS at low doses resulting in enhanced animal performance (BW & FCR).

Special Needs of Piglets

Newly born piglets have a physiological immature gastrointestinal tract, therefore post-weaning diets need to be designed to fit their particular needs. Therefore, it is critically important that these diets are based on highly digestible and palatable ingredients. At the same time, additives, antibiotics (or alternatives to antibiotics) are normally included to prevent gastrointestinal disorders.

ButiPEARL allows its release throughout the intestinal tract supporting development and growth of the animal.

Piglet Trial-A total of 73 piglets born in the same day and in the same farrowing room were used. At weaning, all piglets were ear tagged, weighed and split into 2 experimental groups:

  1. Control commercial feed with no additives (Con)
  2. Commercial feed with the addition of ButiPEARL at 1.5 kg/ton (BP).

The feeding program consisted of a diet that included a standard acidification program and had added antibiotics. Feed intake was registered at the end of the trial period.


Table 1. Performance of piglets fed ButiPEARL

Experimental Groups















It can be concluded that the supplementation of ButiPEARL at 1.5 kg/ton in the first feeding phase after weaning to commercial piglet diets that already contained antibiotics and acids, improves piglets’ zootechnical performance and gives the producer an ROI of 9.8.

From the different available butyrate sources, once again ButiPEARL proves to have the most profitable application dose due to its MicroPEARL encapsulation technology and proven sustained release.

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