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Animal Nutrition & Health Products for Swine

Kemin offers a wide range of dairy nutrition and health solutions. We understand your need to raise healthy pigs that give consumers the nutritional benefits they are looking for, while also returning a profit. Our products and services help you optimize nutrition, maintain feed quality and improve gut health.

Effective Nutrition Solutions

Producers, nutritionists and veterinarians are constantly working to find cost-effective dietary solutions to improve productivity. Nutritional solutions are essential in preventing performance issues before they occur. Kemin invests millions of dollars in research to improve animal health and performance and increase producer profitability through nutritional solutions that include trace minerals, carotenoids and biosurfactants.


Smart Solutions for Feed Quality

The quality of animal feed is typically judged based on its nutritional value and overall appearance. Maintaining quality and nutritional value in feed cannot be achieved solely through sound harvest and storage practices, however. Producers must also consider solutions specially designed to protect feed value.

Kemin offers a variety of solutions for grain treatment, forage preservation, fat and oil stability and diet integrity. Adding Kemin Feed Quality solutions to your operation can help prolong feed shelf-life, reduce production costs and improve animal performance.


Proven Gut Health Solutions

In today’s swine production environment, gut health is increasingly synonymous with animal health. The Kemin Gut Health Solutions Program encompasses many health priorities, such as nutrient digestion and absorption, metabolism and energy generation and more. Proper gut health promotes the absence, prevention and avoidance of disease.

Kemin has been a proactive leader within the gut health industry. By using decades of scientific research, thorough testing and customer feedback, Kemin created its multi-faceted Gut Health Triple Check approach to provide a broad platform of solutions.


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