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Gut Health Solutions for Beef Cattle

In today's livestock production environment, gut health is increasingly synonymous with animal health. A long-term, comprehensive approach to ruminant gut health is crucial. Proper gut health support will strengthen intestinal integrity, ensure a healthy microbial balance and support immune function. The Kemin Gut Health Solutions program encompasses many health priorities, such as nutrient digestion and absorption, metabolism and energy generation and more. Proper gut health promotes the absence, prevention and avoidance of disease.

Kemin Gut Health Triple Check

Establish the intestinal integrity and protection your livestock need, using our Gut Health Triple Check program. The Gut Health Triple Check program serves as a support system to CLEAN UP contaminants in feed and water prior to animal exposure, BUILD UP intestinal strength and immunity to reduce leaky gut and KNOCK OUT harmful pathogens for healthier and better performing animals.

Ruminant Gut Health One Pager

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