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Feed CURB®

This dry mold inhibitor uses a combination of organic acids to inhibit the growth of mold in complete livestock feeds and processed or flaked grains for livestock.


  • The blend of four acids helps in the control of wild yeasts and mold in feeds and total mixed ration (TMR).
  • Specifically developed to prevent heat spoilage in TMR.


  • Prevents yeast and mold development in TMR.
  • Maintains nutritive and hygienic value of complete feeds including TMR.
  • Prevents mold in flaked/processed grain.
  • Reduces losses from production of heat and feed refusals.


Propionic acid (42% minimum), vermiculite, acetic acid, calcium silicate, benzoic acid, salt, isopropyl alcohol, methylparaben, sorbic acid, sulfuric acid solution and propylparaben.


Feed CURB Dry Spec Sheet

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