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Striving to Sustainably Transform Quality of Life


As a privately owned-and-operated family company, Kemin is committed to sustainably transforming the quality of life around the world – today and for generations to come. In 2021, we pledged to take an active stance against global climate change by committing to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050

This commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our servant leadership approach, which compels us to focus on the growth and wellbeing of our employees, customers and the more than 4 billion people we serve every day while safeguarding our planet’s finite resources.


“This commitment is for our employees, our customers, our communities – and for all future generations. Companies like Kemin have the ability to take on this critical journey and unite others to join the global efforts against climate change. We must all do our part today to create a better tomorrow.”

– Dr. Chris Nelson, President and CEO


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Our Three Sustainability Pillars: People, Planet, Business

Kemin magnifies its commitment to sustainability using a model focused on people, the planet and our business – it’s our approach to the “triple bottom line” framework. When we integrate this vision into how we work and live, we are better able to solve tomorrow’s toughest challenges without compromising the ability of future generations to solve their own.


Healthy People

Improving the Quality of Life Sustainably

We empower our employees, partners, customers and fellow community members to contribute to a healthy future and improve life sustainably. We care about the more than 3,300 global employees who work at Kemin and the more than 4 billion people who are transformed daily by our products and services.

Our employees do this by developing programs that positively impact people, animals and the environment. What each Kemin employee does at work and within their community makes a difference, so we promote engagement and the social good that can be achieved at local and global levels, while nurturing the responsibility to give back to the community through servant leadership and partnerships. We support a team of sustainability advocates that encourage sustainable practices around the globe.

Healthy People in Action

Global and Local Community Engagement

  • We partner with the United Nations World Food Programme, which brings life-saving food services to people displaced by conflict in over 80 countries. 

  • We give back to local communities through volunteerism and charitable contributions that focus on science and general education, housing and food security, sustainability, and the creation of vibrant communities. 

  • We support Habitat for Humanity locally and around the globe.

Employee Engagement and Development

  • We develop global diversity and inclusion strategies for our workforce and recruitment.

  • We advocate for environmentally friendly transportation.

  • We plant fruit trees, vegetable gardens and pollinator gardens at our campuses.


Healthy Planet

Positively Transforming Kemin’s Environmental Impact

We strive to make a planet that is better for our children and their children – where all needs are met, and life is improved and truly transformed. With an ambitious global sustainability vision of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, there is only one way to achieve it: to relentlessly and continuously manage sustainability and find ways to reduce environmental impact within our operations. We are starting with energy, water usage and waste reduction, but our overall focus is on innovating through our markets to create healthy systems for people and animals.

Healthy Planet in Action

Taking Climate Action

  • We are reducing our GHG emissions within our operations.

  • We are choosing low-carbon or carbon-free modes of transportation in our supply chain.

  • We are creating milestones for 2025, 2030 and 2040 to maintain momentum to achieve net zero.

Using Clean Energy

  • We are increasing the use of renewable energy at our facilities and with our processes.

  • We are producing and using solar energy at Kemin locations around the world, including onsite generation to support a clean-energy transformation.

  • We are purchasing enough renewable energy to match 45% of our power use and grow this alternative as it becomes available.

Reducing Water Usage and Contamination

  • We are using new methods to radically reduce water intake in garment-finishing processes.

  • We are collaborating within the supply chain to address solvent usage, clean extraction methods and environmental stewardship concerns.

Decreasing Waste

  • We are actively seeking ways to reduce waste and identifying circular models of usable resources.

  • We are rethinking packaging: minimizing and reducing waste where possible, including using larger totes and bulk transport.

  • We are working with suppliers to collect and sustainably rework and dispose of our waste.

  • We are replacing single-use plastics at Kemin campuses with compostable, reusable and/or recyclable products.


Healthy Business

Integrating a Sustainability Mindset into Business Practices

Sustainability governance drives our decision-making so that we may improve the lives of our customers, employees, partners and in the communities where we operate. Through our approach and business practices, we empower our stakeholders to become more sustainable while enabling Kemin to innovate products and services that drive transformation far into the future.

Of course, we can’t do it alone. We see our customers as our partners in creating a vision for future generations, and we work to help them reduce their environmental impact in human and animal health and nutrition, pet food, aquaculture, nutraceutical, food technologies, crop technologies, textile, biofuel and animal vaccine industries. These products and services help drive the transformation of business today into the stewardship of sustainability, meeting both altruistic and financial goals.

Healthy Business in Action

Sustainability Governance

  • We developed – and abide by – a sustainability governance model that ensures sustainability is integrated into every facet of the business, which results in sustainable actions, programs, products and services.

  • We adhere to Kemin’s Global Environmental Policy Statement.

  • We have created a corporate sustainability role at Kemin, created solely to implement, champion, monitor and measure the company’s sustainability efforts across the globe.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices

  • We use environmentally friendly growing methods to produce plant-based, sustainable products for our customers.

  • We develop machinery, biopesticides, herbicides and growing practices that ensure efficient and sustainable growing systems.

  • We partner with expert growers and family farmers around the world to maintain consistent, sustainable and efficacious methods and products.

  • We preserve soil health with our line of biopesticides and soil amendments that are food-grade, biodegradable, safe for bees and safe for workers to reduce environmental impact.

  • We contribute expertise and resources to developing sustainable aquaculture initiatives.

  • We use a sustainable, agronomic growing approach for our specialty crops that is certified Sustainably Grown® by SCS Global Services.

Sustainable Product Development

  • We conduct life cycle assessments of products to determine environmental impact.

  • We require sustainability components in project pipelines for consideration.

 Supply Chain Alignment

Kemin participates in relevant sustainability organizations to demonstrate engagement and commitment to sustainability goals. These include:

  • Supply chain reporting through CDP (formally the Carbon Disclosure Project), EcoVadis and SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), so employees and customers know we are a responsible member of the global supply chain.

  • Member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and the Roundtable on Responsible Soy.


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