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Industry-Leading Dedication to Quality and Safety

Our rigorous quality control and regulatory approach demonstrates our commitment to safety and science. Kemin has an established safety record and regulatory approvals necessary to provide quality products to customers.

Our Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A., manufacturing facility has earned Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000, which reflects our commitment to the highest standards for risk mitigation, traceability and quality control for our customers. The certification also serves as the basis for greater consumer confidence in food through fewer health risks and improved supply chain management.

Kemin Technical Service

Our dedicated technical service team includes PhDs from across the North American market who serve as liaisons between our laboratories and sales teams. The Kemin technical service and sales teams work together to use applied knowledge and industry experience – ultimately ensuring that our discoveries are applied effectively to customers’ operations and yield the highest possible return on investment.

The technical service team leverages extensive animal nutrition and health experience and problem-solving skills to help customers successfully and effectively implement products. The team provides ongoing support and information on key topics like market trends, product efficacy and shelf-life, inclusion rates, product recommendations and protocol development.

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) are available to identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy for customers throughout all phases of the purchasing and product usage process. Our dedicated analytical laboratory team can provide testing for potentially harmful agents like mold and mycotoxins and share valuable knowledge to enable our customers to improve quality and overall performance. That includes:

  • Vendor validation and raw material quality assessment
  • Application rate and equipment calibration verification
  • Ingredient and product trouble shooting
  • New ingredient and product development assistance
  • Analytical support, applied research and quality control support
  • Advanced method development

Product Application Department

The Kemin Product Application Department (PAD) is comprised of trusted, reliable engineers with years of industry experience to help you achieve the precise application of liquid ingredients. PAD engineers are dedicated to designing liquid application systems and overseeing system fabrication, installation, training and maintenance.

To determine the right system for your feed mill, a PAD engineer will conduct a site survey to set standard and critical specifications for each project, including:

  • Proper application points
  • Proper application time
  • Mixing capabilities
  • Automation capabilities
  • Reporting needs 

After installation, PAD provides continued support to optimize your investment in Kemin-designed equipment and the Kemin products it applies.

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