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Ammo CURB® 85

Ammo CURB® 85 is a low-cost feed preservative for processed feed ingredients, complete animal feeds and total mixed rations (TMR). Ammo CURB 85 is a mono-acid preservative and may be added directly to complete feed, feed ingredients and TMR to help maintain stability of feed during relatively short-term storage.

How does Ammo CURB 85 work?

Mold and mycotoxin contamination of grain and feed ingredients has existed since grain was first cultivated. Livestock and poultry producers started using propionic acid for feed preservation in an effort to control mold and prevent the formation of mycotoxins. Ammo CURB 85 is a buffered propionic acid, concentrated to a standard potency and used for feed preservation. It works by disrupting the multiplication of many common mold species.  Ammo CURB 85 acts as a mold inhibitor in grain, feed ingredients and finished feed formulations.. 

Ammo CURB 85 Liquid Spec Sheet

What causes mold and mycotoxins?

Modern production practices and increased acreage appear to be contributing to an increase of the problem.1 Mycotoxins, performance-robbing organic residues produced by certain mold species, are very potent compounds.2 Very low doses of mycotoxins in food and feed can cause human and animal health problems, but a negative impact on animals represents the biggest economic loss.

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