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Blend of organic and inorganic acids designed to provide an economical means to acidify swine feed.


  • A cost-effective means of providing the benefits of feed acidification to swine diets.
  • A flowable, dry product, easy to handle and simple to add to feed.
  • Contains lactic acid, which helps reduce gastric pH and delay the multiplication of certain bacterial strains such as E. coli.


  • Benefits the young animal’s gastric acidification system, improving the barrier of microbial passage to the intestinal tract.
  • Improves activity of gastric enzymes post-weaning, enhancing digestion.
  • Helps reduce urine pH.


Fine grind corn cob meal, phosphoric acid, fumaric acid, silicon dioxide, lactic acid, citric acid and ethyl lactate.

KEM-GEST Dry Spec Sheet

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