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MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate

For Improving the Manufacturing of Pelleted Feed and Feed Ingredients

MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate is a milling efficiency product designed to improve the manufacturing of pelleted feed and feed ingredients. The innovative formulation includes a powerful surfactant which reduces surface tension in feed particles allowing for better moisture penetration and lower energy demand for pelleting. When applied with a customized Kemin liquid application system, MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate delivers unsurpassed performance improvements.

When MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate is added at a rate of 65 mL/tonne of feed, motor load and throughput are improved. This low volume inclusion product was not designed to help with pellet durability index (PDI). However, in research conducted with a large poultry producer, the increased steam penetration improved PDI by 3% (from 70% to 73%). In this same trial, tons per hour increased from 56 to 60 (+ 7%) with no increase in power consumption.

What are the key benefits of MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate?

MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate is a low inclusion, highly concentrated formulation with an application rate of 32.6-65.2 milliliters per metric ton, to improve PDI and throughput. The combination of decades of experience in feed manufacturing support, product knowledge, and a dedicated application equipment group positions Kemin as the leader in this category.

If your milling needs include improved throughput or reduced energy demand, MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate is the product of choice. In order to ensure you have the correct application rate, Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) personnel will help you every step of the way from start to finish.

Is MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate corrosive?

The ingredients are non-corrosive to milling equipment.

How do I apply the product?

Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) has the expertise to apply all Kemin liquid products. Once you agree to use MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate our KAS team takes over the process. They will visit your location and design a customized system specifically for your feed mill. After you agree to the system, our team will return for the installation and will remain to help your team understand the operation of the new system. Then, after the sale, our team is available to perform periodic maintenance on equipment and to train new employees at your request.

What if I have more questions?

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Product Specifications

MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate Spec Sheet

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