Forage Preservatives

The foundation of every ruminant diet is a high-quality forage. Kemin scientists learned very early after our founding in 1961, to focus on forage quality first before addressing other nutritional issues. Our relentless pursuit of forage quality resulted in two of the industry leading forage preservation products, FRESH CUT® and Silage SAVOR®. These two products feature a blend of buffered organic acids to help control mold and wild yeast in baled hay and in a wide variety of ensiled crops.

Then Kemin Canada team has years of experience in working with producers to diagnose forage quality issues. Our team has expertise with both acid-based and inoculant solutions to ensure proper fermentation, to safeguard long-term storage and to protect feed from aerobic destruction in the feed bunk. By combining our high-quality products with your high-quality management, the Kemin Canada team will help preserve your hard work by saving more of the valuable nutrients you grow.


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