Flow Agents

Out-of-feed events and feed flow issues cost the livestock feed industry millions of dollars in lost performance each year. In the research conducted in the U.S.A., Dr. Mike Brumm demonstrated pigs who experienced 20 hours without feed each week gained 68 grams less daily in the first 8 weeks and 35 grams per day lower grain over the entire trial.1 Preventing out-of-feed events by using a flow agent like KALLSIL can significantly help maintain animal performance.

KALLSIL is a zeolite-based flow agent. KALLSIL has been shown to statistically improve the flow characteristics (and, therefore, reduce the caking potential) of 16% moisture feed.2 Inclusion of KALLSIL at a rate of as little as 1 kg/T improved feed flowability and could help reduce out-of-feed events.

In addition to being an excellent flow agent, zeolite has been shown to help maintain animal performance when feed is contaminated with harmful metabolites from fungal growth.3



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