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Buffered Vinegar Solution

BactoCEASE NV is a food safety ingredient made from natural fermentation, offering an alternative for chemical preservatives.

BactoCEASE NV has a balanced flavour profile designed to protect meat, poultry and processed fish products as well as meat analogues and deli salads from spoilage bacteria, extending the shelf life of those food products. 

BactoCEASE NV is made starting from naturally sourced ingredients and is proven to be containing 100% biobased carbon.

BactoCEASE NV is a recognized food additive made from natural fermentation, which can extend shelf life while allowing for clear labelling.

Buffered Vinegar Ingredient Tile


  • Liquid formula
  • Dry formula
  • Protect against food borne pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes
  • Natural fermentation product
  • Vinegar based
  • Buffered ingredient


  • Easy to apply as an ingredient or topically
  • Easy-to-use in dry mixes and spice blends
  • Enhanced product safety and extended shelf life
  • Made with naturally sourced ingredients
  • Clear labelling
  • Balanced flavour profile

BactoCEASE NV Ensure Your Food Safety

African Market Insights

Consumers are more critical than ever when they go to the supermarket. They want to know what they are eating, so they scan the labels to find it out. Especially when it comes to meat, poultry and fish. They look for “clear” labels with recognisable ingredients like vinegar, source ingredient of the buffered vinegar. Familiar kitchen ingredients, in african region, will provide them the trust that they look for to keep their food safe and fresh for as long as possible.

BactoCEASE NV is a solution made from natural fermentation that offers an alternative for chemical preservatives. It’s a food safety solution with a balanced flavour profile designed to protect meat, poultry and processed fish products as well as deli salads from spoilage bacteria. Moreover, BactoCEASE NV extends the shelf life of those products. 

This product is also suitable for plant-based solutions.


Want to know how BactoCEASE NV can protect your food products?

Disclaimer: Product allowance and labelling may differ based upon government requirements. Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. 

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