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Plant-based Food


Plant-Based Foods

Kemin can help you with any oxidation problems you have with plant-based products. As ingredients of plant-based proteins vary widely, we can optimise the taste, shelf-life, and quality of vegan and vegetarian foods. At Kemin, we keep your plant-based products safer, fresher, for longer with label-friendly solutions.

In the past few years, we witnessed awareness of pushing consumer trends towards healthy, plant-based and label-friendly products, but also protein alternatives for meat have been on the rise. With the arrival of ‘clean’ meat and the increased popularity of plant-based alternatives, consumers attitudes towards meat consumption are changing. For several reasons, more people become vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian; consumers are continuing to seek substitutes for meat and brands and retailers are making these alternatives easier to find.

Same as with ‘real’ meat, plant-based proteins have a limited shelf life and are prone to oxidation. Fats and oils can cause oxidation over time, which will ultimately lead to sensory issues related to odour, colour and taste. Other issues include microbial spoilage and enzymatic browning, which we can resolve with natural solutions.

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Kemin’s Solutions for Plant-Based Foods