NaturFORT - Rosemary and Green Tea Blend with Balanced Flavour Characteristics

NaturFORT is a versatile combination of rosemary and green tea extracts with antioxidant properties that complement each other by providing superior protection with a positive impact on flavour, colour and odour profiles.

These blends are highly efficacious in sauces, dressings and condiments as well as meat and poultry products. When treated on an equal cost basis, a rosemary/green tea extract combination is often a more effective solution than rosemary or green tea extracts alone. This is due to the combination of water and oil soluble ingredients that give a stronger protection of the entire food matrix. Due to the milder taste profile also higher application rates can be used compared to single ingredients.

Using a rosemary extract and green tea extract blend may provide other advantages over single-ingredient antioxidant solutions.

First, the addition of high levels of rosemary extract or green tea extract alone may negatively affect the flavour profile of the meat. Alternatively, the more balanced flavour characteristics of the blend allow for higher application rates.

Secondly, the catechins in green tea extract are known for their potential to act as an iron chelator, suppressing the pro-oxidant iron that can be released from the hemoglobin during the production of ground meat.

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