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Sensory Appeal

Appearance is the first impression and the deciding factor for consumers, when they make food purchases. Since appearance and freshness are so closely linked, frosted cupcakes or donuts need to look freshly frosted and crisp, crunchy popcorn, nuts and other savoury snacks need to look, as if they just emerged from the popper, roaster or oven.

Once purchased, consumers expect your bakery product’s sensory attributes to pay off on the promise suggested by its fresh appearance.

A loss of freshness means your product may:

  • Lose taste
  • Lose mouthfeel
  • Lose moisture
  • Lose softness
  • Lose crispness

Kemin flavour solutions help protect delicious flavour and texture by protecting the crucial fats and oils in bakery and confectionery products. By helping to slow oxidation and prevent rancidity, our solutions provide the stability needed to present the freshest looking product possible.


Challenge: Retaining fresh appearance and sensory qualities

Solution: Kemin rosemary extractgreen tea extract and blends

Typical applications: Baked goods, snack foods, nuts, whole grains