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FloraGLO® Lutein for Brain Health

From protecting the developing infant brain to supporting cognitive function in adults, lutein is supported by a growing body of research as an important nutrient for brain function throughout all stages of life. No other lutein is backed by more research on brain health than FloraGLO® Lutein. Researchers and leading vitamin manufacturers all over the world rely on the quality and safety profile of FloraGLO and its proven efficacy. 

FloraGLO Lutein for the Developing Infant and Child

Currently, FloraGLO is the only lutein brand used in 15 publications of interventional studies investigating the effects of lutein for infants. FloraGLO is also the only lutein brand that is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for use in term and pre-term infant formula. Therefore, FloraGLO is the NO. 1 choice as a source of lutein for prenatal, infant and pediatric products for neural development and protection during infancy and childhood. 

  • Clinically proven safe for use in infant nutrition
  • The ONLY lutein brand GRAS for infant formula4

FloraGLO Benefits to the Brain


FloraGLO® Lutein: So Much More Than An "Eye Vitamin"

Supporting Eye & Brain Health

Advancing Brain Health

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Recommended use: a dose of = 10 mg FloraGLO® Lutein and 2 mg OPTISHARP™ Natural Zeaxanthin is considered efficacious.

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