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XCS-11® Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide 

Give your customers the benefit of XCS-11® from Kemin, the ingredient on the market that neutralizes the bad breath caused by volatile sulfur compounds rather than simply masking it. Including XCS-11 in your formulations will give your customers a fresh, long-lasting clean-mouth feeling that will set your product apart.  

Benefits that are a Breath of Fresh Air

Include XCS-11 stabilized chlorine dioxide solution in your formulation to deliver benefits that end users will notice:

  • Promotes Oral Health and Hygiene
  • Fast-Acting Cure for Bad Breath
    • Blocks compounds causing bad breath
    • Targets the root causes of bad breath
  • Biofilm Control
    • Breaks up biofilms in the mouth
    • Decreases tongue coating
    • Tarter control above the gumline
    • Protects teeth and gums
  • Clean Mouth Feeling and Fresh Breath

Available in Two Strengths

This powerful Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide product is available in two distinct concentrations to support your formulation needs. XCS-11 is a 2%* concentration and XCS-11 Pro is a 5% concentration. Typical use of XCS-11 is a target concentration of 0.1-0.3% stabilized chlorine dioxide. 

*available chlorine dioxide

Applications for XCS-11® and XCS-11® Pro include: 

  • Oral care products
  • Mouthwash
  • Toothpaste
  • Breath sprays


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