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Beauty from Within Solutions

Kemin Human Nutrition & Health specializes in providing functional ingredients sourced from plant-based, natural sources around the world to deliver a wide range of health solutions for your next beauty from within formulation. Our solutions meet at the intersection of cutting-edge science and nature to elevate and differentiate a variety of dietary nutrition products including functional beverages, food, and supplements. 

Science-Backed Beauty from Within Ingredients


FloraGLO Lutein’s reputation as the science leader supports valuable benefits in the skin care market. By including FloraGLO Lutein, skin health supplement manufacturers can provide products for skin that enhance youthful-looking appearance, hydration, and skin elasticity.3-6

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ZeaONE® OptiSHARP™ Natural is a free-form RR-zeaxanthin naturally sourced from marigold flowers and is a safe, trusted ingredient for skin health.

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Macu-LZ™ is a comprehensive solution targeting eye, brain, and skin health through the incorporation of all three macular carotenoids: lutein, RR-zeaxanthin, and RS (meso)-zeaxanthin.

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DailyZz™ is a naturally-sourced proprietary botanical blend of sleep promoting polyphenols to support better sleep and improved next day performance.7

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North American Consumer Skin Health Insights

According to a recent survey1, a significant percentage of North American consumers are interested in improving and protecting their skin health. 57% of consumers are interested in learning more about how they can improve their skin health and 67% of consumers recognize the link between skin health and overall health. When it comes to purchasing products, 56% of consumers are interested in purchasing a skin health product even when they don’t have a specific health problem. Additionally, 59% of consumers regularly seek out food and drink products that can improve skin health. 42% of consumers are likely to look for supplements, food, and drinks that can prevent skin damage, skin ageing. North American consumers are looking for specific benefits from food, drink, or nutritional supplements that promote skin health, the top three benefits that interest them are reduced signs of ageing, improved appearance, and improved self-confidence.


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OPTISHARP® Natural is a Registered Trademark of DSM Nutritional Products Ltd.


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