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Our Approach to Carotenoid Sustainability

At Kemin, we are dedicated to shaping a brighter tomorrow for our worldwide community. We accomplish this by delivering high-quality functional ingredients for good health. We lead in sustainable practices, enhancing transparency in our supply chain, cultivating a culture of well-being and minimizing our environmental impact through efficient resource management.

Our goal is to drive meaningful transformation through continuous innovation and forging strong partnerships, all while inspiring others to join us in building a better world for future generations.



The Highest-Quality Carotenoids

Kemin provides the highest-quality nutritional carotenoid portfolio through sustainable, naturally sourced marigold flowers from around the world. Our customers and their consumers have peace of mind knowing they are receiving the highest-quality carotenoids for Eye, Brain, Mood, Sleep and Skin Health.

Traceable, Transparent Sustainability

At Kemin, we have cultivated an ecosystem that makes sustainable flower and crop production exceptionally traceable and transparent. We pursue sustainability throughout our product life cycles, from seed and flower production to finished product form and sale to the end consumer.

Discover Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future 

As we plan our future sustainability efforts, we emphasize pioneering product innovation, fostering transparency and positively influencing social and environmental aspects. Simultaneously, we're launching exciting new initiatives designed to uplift farmers and extend their support far beyond the boundaries of the field.


From Flower to Formulation: Nutritional Carotenoids Sourced from Marigold Flowers

A Sustainable Journey Toward Well-Being: Kemin's Approach to Carotenoid Sustainability

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