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Palatability Enhancers for Pet Food

Palatants for Pet Food

At Kemin, we provide comprehensive flavor expertise. From our high performance palatants to our raw material and pet food stability solutions, Kemin is the only palatant supplier that can partner with you across all phases of the petfood manufacturing process to optimize flavor. Kemin is assurance.

With so many factors influencing flavor, it's easy to get lost

For most pet owners, the proof of quality, flavorful petfood products is in watching our furry friends enjoy their food. When a new diet is introduced to a pet and it stimulates active consumption, it's considered palatable, and therefore a success.

Successfully achieving palatability in pet food requires balancing product formulation, ingredient stability and flavor profiles. Palatants, or palatability enhancers, play an important role in the overall appeal of a petfood product by elevating preferred tastes and aromas.


Palatants for Pet Food

Kemin's PALASURANCE® palatability enhancers improve pet food flavor and aroma.



Natural Palatants for Pet Food

PALTEVATM palatability enhancers are designed to improve the taste of single-ingredient and natural pet food products.



Palatants for Wet Pet Food 

Specifically created for wet pet food applications and to withstand the retort process.


Flavor is complex. Let us guide you.

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A Trusted Partner in Petfood Palatability

The palatability of a pet food is influenced by many factors such as the freshness of raw materials and how palatability enhancers are applied during the petfood manufacturing process. When creating a successful product, you need a trusted partner whose expertise includes ingredients, raw materials and an understanding of the behavioral differences and preferences of our end users - dogs and cats.

Drawing on technical capabilities around flavor, stabilization, pet food safety and quality, Kemin palatants are designed to meet unique customer needs. Our palatants provide taste equal to or better than competitive products. They’re also designed to ensure consistent quality and achieve label claims important to our customers. 

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